Standard Utility Details

To aid contractors, developers, and engineering firms in meeting the City of Mount Dora's codes for utility design and construction, the Engineering Division publishes the following Standard Utility Details.

These details can be downloaded three ways:

  • individually by clicking on the detail number below
  • whole sections by clicking on the section title below
  • the entire set of details by clicking here (ZIP file size: 14.9 MB)

This site should be checked for each project as these details may be updated without notice.

General Number Definition

Each Standard Detail is numbered as XX000-9, where:

  • XX is two alphabetic characters describing the broad category for the detail
  • 000 is a three digit number referring to the detail’s sequence, and
  • 9 is a one-digit number representing the details’ relative revision status

The following are the two alphabetic characters that are used:

GU - General Utilities

PW - Potable Water

RW - Reclaimed Water

SS - Sanitary Sewer

Rules and Procedures for Electric Service


Standard Document Templates

The revision number of any detail can be deduced from the suffix number following each standard detail; example Sanitary Sewer Detail SS002-1 is the detail for a Typical Sewer Connection, "SS002" will always be associated with this particular detail. The suffix number "-1" is used to identify the edition of this detail, revisions to the detail would result in the next number "-2" (SS002-2). Please do not remove the detail borders or numbering systems when incorporating the details into your plan set, having the numbers on the details allows us to quickly determine if your details are up-to-date.

If you have questions or problems with this site, please contact Paul Lahr, City Engineer, at (352) 735-7155 or 7151.

GU - General Utilities

(ZIP file: 3.44 MB)

Number Title 
GU001-1A Standard Construction Detail, General Notes
GU001-3B Standard Construction Detail, General Notes 
GU001-1C Standard Construction Detail, General Notes
GU001-1  Manhole Frame and Cover 
GU002-1 Pipe Identification
GU003-1  Utility Pipe Location Materials 
GU004-2  Tracing Wire Connection 
GU005-2  Valve, Valve Box and Cover 
GU006-1  Utility Pipe Minimum Separation Requirements Table 
GU007-1A  Utilty Pipe Minimum Separation Requirements 
GU007-1B Utility Pipe Minimum Separation Requirements  
GU008-1  Bore and Jack for Water Service Connection 
GU009-1 Line Flushing Assemblies 
GU010-1  4-Inch Flushing Valve Assembly 
GU011-1  Open Cut Detail 

PW - Potable Water

(ZIP file: 3.87 MB)

Number  Title 
PW001-1A Standard Construction Detail, General Notes: Water 
PW001-1B  Standard Construction Detail, General Notes: Water 
PW001-1C  Standard Construction Detail, General Notes: Water 
PW002-1  Standard Fire Hydrant Assembly 
PW003-1  Fire Hydrant Color Identification 
PW004-4  Potable Water - Single Service Connection 
PW005-3  Potable Water -  Double Service Connection for 3/4" & 1" Meters 
PW006-3  Potable Water - Single Service Connection for 2" & Larger Meters 
PW007-1  Master Meter Assembly with By-Pass & Reduced Pressure Backflow Prevention Assembly (RPBA) 
PW008-1 Termporation Meter Installation 
PW009-1A  Temporary Jumper Connection Notes (Page 1) 
PW009-1B  Temporary Jumper Connection Detail (Page 2) 
PW010-1  Potable Water Individual Above Ground Meter Set 
PW011-2  Potable Water Standard Details 

RW - Reclaimed Water

(ZIP file: 2.59 MB)

 Number Title 
RW001-1A Standard Construction Detail, General Notes: Reclaimed Water 
RW001-1B  Standard Construction Detail, General Notes: Reclaimed Water 
RW002-2  Reclaimed Water Single Service Connection 
RW003-2  Reclaimed Water Double Service Connection 
RW004-2  Reclaimed Water Service Connection Box 
RW005-1  Reclaimed Water Master Meter Assembly 
RW006-2  Reclaimed Water Commercial Single Service Connection 
RW007-2  Reclaimed Water Details, City Project 
RW008-1  Reclaimed Water Signs 

SS - Sanitary Sewer

(ZIP file: 4.82 MB)

Number  Title 
SS002-2 Typical Sewer Connection 
SS003-1  Standard Manhole Detail 
SS004-1  Typical Manhole Connections 
SS005-1  Double Compartment Grease Trap & Inspection Sampling Station 
SS006-2  Air Release Valve Assembly 
SS007-4A Pump Station Details, Plan, Section and Notes 
SS007-3B  Pump Station Site Plan 
SS007-2C Pump Station Control Panel Installation Detail 
SS007-3D  Duplex Control Panel Enclosure Dead Front Layout 
SS007-3E  Duplex Control Panel Enclosure Subpanel Layout 
SS007-2F  Chain Link Fence Detail 
SS007-3G  RTU Tower (125 MPH Wind) 
SS008-2  Sanitary Sewer Details, City Projects 

Electric Service 

Rules and Procedures for Electric Service 

(ZIP file: 59.9 KB) 

Lift Station Standby Power Generator System 
Lift Station Chainlink Fence and Gate Specifications  

Standard Document Templates
(ZIP file: 83.1 KB)

Covenant to Annex
ISO Fire Flow Worksheet 
ISO Fire Flow Worksheet Sample 
Maintenance Bond Template 
Meter Easement Template 
Performance Bond Template 
Utility Easement Template 

Trails Details

Proposed Trail Typical Section