Hiring Process

Each selected applicant must successfully complete the following:

  • Application Review
  • Oral Interview
  • Background Investigation
  • Interview with Chief of Police
  • Conditional Offer
  • Medical Examination / Drug Screen
  • Psychological Exam
  • Post-Offer Polygraph/CVSA

Out-of-Town Applicants

During the hiring process, out-of-town applicants may have to make several trips to Mount Dora. The first trip would be for the interview by an interview board. If you are selected for further processing, you would have to come back for the post-offer polygraph exam.

After the background investigation, if you were selected by the Chief of Police for an interview, you would have to visit a third time for an oral interview with the Chief of Police. Lastly, if you were given a conditional offer by the Chief of Police following the oral interview, you would have to visit Mount Dora again to complete the medical exam, psychological exam, post-polygraph exam, and drug screen.


Out-of-State Certified Applicants

If you possess an out-of-state law enforcement certification, it may be accepted in Florida under certain conditions.

For additional information on obtaining a Florida law enforcement certification, please visit the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s website.