Sister City - Forres, Scotland

About the Sister City Program

In 1988 a visiting Scottish solicitor initiated interest in forming a sister cities link. Mount Dora Sister Cities Association, Inc. was registered as a not-for-profit Florida corporation in 1989 and joined by the Royal Burgh of Forres, Scotland in 1990. The association is supported by the City of Mount Dora Florida, membership dues, fund raising activities and an annual grant from the Mount Dora Community Trust.

The Mount Dora Sister Cities Association is an active member of Sister Cities International (SCI) and The Association of Sister Cities of Florida. The Association of Sister Cities of Florida, as a partner with SCI, is an international leader, motivating and empowering municipal officials, business leaders, volunteers and youth to conduct long term programs of mutual benefit and interest with city counterparts.

About Sister Cities International

Sister Cities International is the national membership organization for sister cities, sister county and sister state programs in the United States. Sister Cities International is the social agency that links communities from the United States with communities worldwide. Currently, Sister Cities International represents more than 650 communities and 1,900 partners in 135 countries. As the premier citizenship diplomacy network in the United States, Sister Cities International leads the national movement for global community partnerships and volunteer action.

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