Special Events

Mount Dora is the perfect environment for special events, with its inviting weather, abundance of shops, restaurants, and activities, and its year-round attractiveness to visitors and residents. We are a dynamic destination with exemplary art, entertainment, and culinary offerings.

The City recognizes special events as an important part of Mount Dora’s quality of life and the contribution they make to a sustainable tourism industry. Special events also provide economic benefits to local businesses and residents, while providing a love of place through unique civic, cultural, educational, recreational, and entertainment experiences.

Mount Dora hosts over 30 special events throughout the year, enriching the lives of residents, bringing tens of thousands of visitors to the City, and benefiting local nonprofits, small businesses, and vendors. Special events that are community favorites include Snow in the Park, which allows many local children to go sledding in Donnelly Park in the heart of our Downtown Business District; and Freedom on the Waterfront, which showcases an incredible fireworks show on Lake Dora. Special events like our Back to School Rally and African American Heritage Festival bring the community together for family-friendly activities.

As part of our special events calendar, Mount Dora also hosts several large festivals, such as the Arts Festival sponsored by Mount Dora Center for the Arts, and the Craft Fair sponsored by Visit Mount Dora. Our special events ensure there's something for everyone all year long.

Chris Carson Events Coordinator

Chris Carson
Cultural & Special Events

(352) 455-3171
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