Online Permitting

Welcome to the City of Mount Dora Building Department's Online Permitting information page.  Here you will find helpful links, documents and information for submitting your permit via our online portal for processing.

ALL permits are now available for online processing.  Please set up your online account on the Permit Online Portal.  Once you have created your account, please contact our office at 352-735-7115 to have your account linked.  You will then be able to sign in and apply for your permit online.

For a step-by-step guide on applying for your permit, please see the links below:

Owner/Builders - Owner/Builder instructions
Contractors - Contractor instructions

Please see below a list of documents that may be required for your permit.  This will depend on the type of permit you are applying for.

Online Submittal Worksheet                                                            Revision Submittal Worksheet

Owner/Builder Affidavit - Online submittal                                       Product Approval Listing 

Roofing Scope of Work                                                                   Reroof Affidavit 

State Swimming Pool Safety Act Affidavit                                       Utility Connections              

Commercial Utility Service Load                                                      Contractor Registration

Change of Sub-Contractor                                                               Request to Renew/Extend Permit

Request to Cancel Permit

ALL documents submitted online must be in PDF format.​​​


Revision Submittal   -   Change of Sub-Contractor​   -    Request to Renew Permit   -    Request to Cancel Permit

If you are submitting a revision/change to permit after issuance:​     

      * Sign into your online account​     

      * Under Building Department on the left, click on Apply for a Planning, Zoning & Engineering Process.  ​     

      * Follow the screens through and attach any required document at the end.​​Your revision/request will then be submitted for review and  

         the contact person will be notified once the review is complete.​​


​Owner/Builder Permits - Per Florida Statute, Owner/Builder permits are allowed if the property is in the owner's personal name and if the structure is for the owners use and occupancy.  The structure cannot be sold or leased for 1 year following the completion of an Owner/Builder permit.  If the structure is being leased or sold, a state licensed contractor will be required to obtain the permit.

​Inspections - Inspections can be scheduled online until midnight for inspections requested the next business day.  Inspection can be rescheduled or cancelled by signing into the online portal and going to Inspections under "My Activity".  If the inspection is being cancelled or rescheduled the day of the inspection, call our office at 352-735-7115.  Also note - ALL fees must be paid on the permit prior to final inspection.  If the final inspection is scheduled and fees are outstanding, the inspection will be cancelled and can be rescheduled once all fees are cleared from the permit.

Payments - All fees that total less than $3,000 can be paid on the online portal.  Any fee over $3,000 must be paid in City Hall by check.