Uniform Patrol Section

The Uniform Patrol Section consists of nineteen officers and four Sergeants.  There are two dayshift and two nightshift squads.  Each squad is supervised by a Sergeant.

Law enforcement officers begin their careers by attending a basic recruit academy approved by the Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission or a comparable approved training program.  After completing the basic recruit training and passing the State’s certification test, new officers are placed into a rigorous orientation and Field Training Program.  During the Field Training Program new officers are exposed to and experience a wide range of calls for service.  They are trained and handle everything from basic traffic investigations to homicide scenes.  At the completion of the Field Training Program, new officers are continuously monitored by their supervisors as their experience grows.

Law enforcement training does not end with the Field Training Program.  Throughout a law enforcement officer’s career, officers attend Agency level training and additional specialized training at any of Central Florida’s law enforcement training centers.

Officers who decide to become supervisors begin that process through basic supervisory instruction provided by a law enforcement training center.  Once basic instruction is obtained, new supervisors progress to the introductory rank of Corporal.  New corporals are closely monitored by their sergeants as they develop their supervisory skills.

The natural progression from Corporal is to become a Sergeant.  Sergeants also continue their development by attending advanced command officer training where they further develop their skills at managing personnel and high risk incidents.

The progression after Sergeant is to move into the administrative ranks of Lieutenant, Captain, Deputy Chief or Chief of Police.  At every stage there is intense training and development.  It commonly takes decades of training, advanced formal education and experience to be successful as a police administrator.