Electric Carriage Permit


On September 6, 2022, City Council adopted Ordinance No. 2022-12, amending the Code of Ordinances to allow for the use of electric carriages in the downtown area. 

This amendment provides definitions as to the type of vehicles, permitting with routing plan, liability and indemnification, traffic regulations, rates and inspection standards. The city will assist in providing locations for pick-up and drop-off staging area(s). Any special events with roadway closures and other impacts will be coordinated with the carriage operator, which will change the routing and staging area accordingly.  


The Electric Carriage ordinance requires an application and limits the number to a maximum of three (3) permits, which are renewed yearly (October).  Permits have a 6-month pilot period to evaluate the carriage operation, which may (or may not) be extended. A five percent (5%) monthly fee is required to be remitted to the City, based on gross receipts.