Protect From Power Surges with SurgeProtect

Power surges are sudden, powerful increases in voltage which can damage or destroy large household appliances such as HVAC, clothes washers and dryers dishwashers, refrigerators, etc. and small electronic devices such as televisions, computers, cordless telephones and more. Surges can be caused by several things but most commonly, lightning and the results can be devastating costing Florida home owners millions of dollars in damage to electrical equipment every year. 

That’s why Mount Dora Electric offers the SurgeProtect device to our residential customers. Our meter-based surge arrester is designed to prevent unnecessary financial loss, as it protects large household appliances by reducing surges at the meter BEFORE they enter the home.  

How it Works:

The SurgeProtect device is installed at the electric meter to help protect voltage surges from entering your home and damaging only your large household appliances.  It is recommended to acquire a second level of protection for your small electronic devices such as television, computers and phones.  These can be purchased from any electronic or home store.   


The installation does not require an appointment.  A qualified installer will knock on your door to advise the power will be out for a few minutes during installation.  Even if no one is at home, the device will be installed.

What it Costs:

The device can be installed for only $7.50 (including taxes) a month with a one-time installation fee of $40.00 for a standard residential home or any single phase service.  

How to sign up:  

It’s easy to sign up!  Just press the sign-up button below and complete the requested information and sign the agreement electronically.  It is important to have your account number available as this information is required to complete the document.  Once you complete the form online, it is sent to the Utility for processing. You will be emailed a bill for the $40.00 installation fee.  Once that is paid, you should receive your SurgeProtect device within 72 business hours.  You will also be emailed a copy of the completed application once it has been processed. On your following bill after installation, your monthly fee of $7.01 plus $0.49 for taxes will begin. 

If you are not ready to tackle the online process, stop by City Hall or the Electric offices and they will help you get the application completed.    

Warranty & Agreement