City Manager

Hub of the City

The City Manager’s Office is the true hub of the city. The city manager is responsible for taking the ideas and policies of the City Council and turning them into reality through the management of various city departments. The city manager is directly responsible for preparation of the annual budget and ensuring the city operates in a fiscally responsible manner.

The city manager:

  • Ensures implementation of the City Council’s goals, policies, and directives
  • Establishes and implements management practices that enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization
  • Makes recommendations to and advises the City Council concerning policy issues
  • Provides leadership and support to the department heads and other city staff
  • Works with all departments to ensure that goals are met and services are provided within budget and time allocations

The City Manager's Office includes the Executive Assistant to the City Manager, City Clerk, and Deputy City Clerk.

Focused on Citizens

We believe that our citizens are our most valuable assets, and keeping you informed of available services, benefits, and programs is of utmost importance to us as public servants. Most of all, we want to provide you with better access to those who serve you locally.