Fire Department - FAQ's

Fire Department - FAQ’s

What is an ISO rating?

The Insurance Services Organization (ISO) is the leading provider of statistical data supplied to insurance companies nationwide assisting them in establishing fire insurance rates. When this data is utilized, a lower ISO number defines a better premium on fire-insurance rates for both commercial and residential properties. Ratings can only be lowered by significant “measurable” improvements in the fire protection infrastructure, delivery of service methods, response times, adequate staffing, water supplies, etc.

What is the Mount Dora Fire Department ISO rating?

The Mount Dora Fire Department has an ISO (Insurance Services Organization) rating of 3.

Why do fire trucks with full lights and sirens go through red lights at intersections and then, after they go through, they turn off their lights and slow down?

Many times several units are dispatched to the same incident. When the first unit arrives on scene, they may assess the situation and inform the dispatcher they can handle the emergency. All other responding units are then cancelled and put back into service, ready to take another call.

Does the fire department fill swimming pools?

Neither the City nor the Fire Department will fill swimming pools. To have a pool filled, look in the Yellow Pages under Pool Sales and Service.

Fire - Fire Inspections & Permitting

Can I burn leaves and/or trash in my yard?

Only with a city-issued burn permit is open burning of any trash, lumber, leaves, straw, or other combustible materials allowed, and it may only be done at a minimum distance of 250 feet from any road or street; 500 feet from any residence, office, or retail structure; and 25 feet from underdeveloped woods.

The use of above-ground or enclosed barbecue grills for outdoor domestic cooking does not require a burn permit.

Does the Fire Department refill and recharge fire extinguishers?

No. That can be done by private companies that specialize in extinguishers. However, if you have questions about your extinguishers, or about home fire safety in general, please contact our Fire Inspector at (352) 735-7140 ext. 2103.

Fire - Fire Prevention & Community Service

Should I have a “Fire Escape Plan” for my family?

Yes. The plan should include 2 ways out of every room and every floor. It’s important to have a meeting place for family members and practice the drill monthly, or more frequently if children live in the home.

What type of fire extinguishers and how many are recommended for the home?

We recommend a minimum of one 5-pound ABC extinguisher accessible to the kitchen area. Always keep the fire in front of you with your back toward the exit.

How many smoke detectors should I have and where should they be placed?

At least one smoke detector on every floor and one in every bedroom. Smoke detectors should not be installed in the kitchen.

How can I request firefighters for a school visit or public event?

Our Fire Department has a comprehensive approach to fire safety through education provided to business groups, nursing homes, medical facilities, residents, schools, day care centers, and community groups that are in need of prevention education. Contact The Administration Office to schedule a fire safety event at (352) 735-7140 ext. 2101.

Fire - Operations

Why does a fire truck show up when I call for EMS?

Our trucks are staffed with trained First Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics. Many times, the fire department is the first unit to arrive and able to provide critical care until an ambulance is on scene.
How do I obtain a copy of a report?

Fire and motor vehicle accident reports can be emailed, faxed or picked up from the main station. The address, date and time of the incident is needed to obtain the report.

Medical reports can only be released to the patient and proper identification must be provided at the main desk of the Fire Department Administrative Office to pick up the report. Medical reports cannot be emailed or faxed.

What other responsibilities do firefighters have other than fighting fires?

Firefighting comprises only a small percentage of calls we respond to. Over seventy percent of emergency responses are calls for medical aid, vehicle accidents and other medical trauma. Other calls for emergency response involve hazardous materials releases, response to fire alarms and other calls for public assistance.

The firefighters spend quite a bit of time maintaining equipment, testing hoses, doing routine public safety inspections for businesses, taking training classes, cleaning the fire station and writing incident reports.

Why do I see firefighters at stores when they are working?

Firefighters work a 24 hour shift and must have their trucks with them to respond to emergencies at any time. Firefighters are permitted to go to the store during the day to purchase items needed.

Many other times Mount Dora Fire Department vehicles are at local businesses or restaurants on official business such as inspections, performing training or education, or even answering questions or complaints. There are many public services performed by your fire department on a daily basis.

Finally, firefighters also routinely shop for needed fire department supplies and equipment.