Emergency Preparedness

Committed to Safety

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The City of Mount Dora has a commitment for the safety of its citizens. Their safety and security depends on the continuation of government services during and following an emergency or disaster.

Most emergency operations can be handled routinely and without incident. However, some emergencies encompass a large area or tax the services provided for by the city. In such cases, enhanced coordination among the departments and divisions within the city and between the city and outside governmental and private agencies is of extreme importance.

The City of Mount Dora is dedicated to ensuring that community preparedness is encouraged, municipal responsiveness is assured, and post-incident recovery is achieved in the event of a community-wide emergency.

Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

The City of Mount Dora has adopted and implemented a Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) as authorized by Chapter 252 of the Florida Statutes. The CEMP establishes the framework for an effective system to ensure that the City of Mount Dora will be adequately prepared to deal with the occurrence of emergencies and disasters.

The plan outlines the roles and responsibilities of the departments of the City of Mount Dora; the Lake County Government along with its departments and divisions; the State of Florida and its agencies; the United States Government and its associated agencies; and volunteer organizations.

The CEMP unites the efforts of these groups under the Emergency Support Function (ESF) format with a designated lead agency for a comprehensive approach to mitigation, planning, response, and recovery from identified hazards. This plan is structured to parallel state and federal activities set forth in the "Lake County Comprehensive Management Plan," the "State of Florida Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan," and the "Federal Response Plan" and describes how state, federal, and other outside resources will be coordinated to supplement county resources and response.

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