Mission & Overview

The mission of the Engineering Division is to provide effective engineering support services and project oversight within the Public Works and Utilities Department to ensure all capital improvements and new developments are completed in a cost-effective and timely manner, and to the highest standards.

The Engineering Division is responsible for providing basic engineering support services to the utility divisions within the Public Works and Utilities Department.


The Engineering Division reviews all development and site plans within the city’s utility service area to ensure that design and construction are in conformance with the surface water quality requirements of the Federal Clean Water Act (EPA), the State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection Rules, and the City Phase II Storm Water NPDES/MS4 Permit #FLR04E121, issued August 1, 2004.

Utility plans, permit applications, design calculations, and subdivision plats are also reviewed to ensure new developments meet the city’s Land Development Code and Code of Ordinances relating to the city’s utility system.


To aid contractors, developers, and engineering firms in meeting the City of Mount Dora codes for utility design and construction, the Engineering Division publishes Standard Utility Details in AutoCAD format, which can be viewed or downloaded individually or in whole sections.

The Engineering Division provides utility marking services, coordinated through Sunshine One-Call (now Sunshine 811) of Florida. Please remember to “Call Before you Dig, It’s the Law” – (800) 432-4770. Locating existing buried utilities prior to excavation is required per Chapter 556 of the Florida Statutes, and it just makes good sense in order to avoid possible utility damage, or personal injury.

Additional information regarding utility locating may be found at the Sunshine 811 website.

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