Stormwater Maintenance, within the Public Works Division, has primary responsibility for implementing the legal requirements of the NPDES/MS4 Permit. This permit requires that the city take steps to protect surface water quality, lake water quality, and the health and safety of Mount Dora citizens.

Services Rendered

In this regard, the group provides stormwater services, maintenance, and operations, as well as long-term planning and goals for effective stormwater management within the utilities district.

Stormwater Maintenance is responsible for the installation of water quality protection structures, maintenance of the existing MS4 system, and data collection from filter and structure cleaning and street sweeping. 

Stormwater Fee

The stormwater fee that is billed to all residents funds the Mount Dora Stormwater Utility, which is responsible for meeting the City’s obligations to improve our natural waterways under the EPA mandated National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Program. 

The City’s stormwater management system isn’t just about flooding.  By permit, the City NPDES program includes private roads, lakes and stormwater systems within its jurisdiction.  Fees collected by the Stormwater Utility go toward the planning, construction, operation and maintenance of stormwater management systems – such as canal and drainage improvement projects and secondary road and drainage systems that receive and treat run-off waters. 

Fees also go toward reducing pollution caused by silt, oil, gasoline, fertilizers, pesticides and other litter carried by storm water to the drainage systems and canals developed to prevent flooding during heavy rainfall. Stormwater drains not only have to remove water from the streets as quickly as possible, but they also have to deal with all of the contaminants that get picked up along the way.   


Improving Water Quality

The following links provide information on what the city of Mount Dora is doing to improve the water quality of the stormwater runoff into the streams and lakes. It also includes information on what you can do to help reduce pollution.

Stormwater Projects 

Informative Brochures 



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