Wastewater Facilities and Collections

Collections and Lift Station Maintenance

The Sewer Collection Mains provide for the operational support of approximately 100 miles of sewer mains. It includes line cleaning, repair, new construction and inspection of all new construction through high pressure jetting, vacuum solids removal, and video inspection.

The Wastewater Lift Stations provide for the operational support of 49 lift stations and approximately 60 miles of force mains. With the addition of radio telemetry, operation and maintenance costs will be reduced. Additionally, radio telemetry will ensure maximum continued operation and compliance with all federal and state regulations.

Wastewater Operations & Maintenance

The city's two Wastewater Treatment Plants provide the overall biological treatment and monitoring through laboratory testing of all domestic waste generated to meet federal and state regulations.

Activities include:
  • Daily monitoring for total plant compliance
  • Grounds maintenance at spray field and percolation pond sites
  • Meter readings
  • Monitoring effluent pumping to various sites
  • Monitoring well sampling
  • Sludge hauling monitoring