Qualifications for City Council


The seven-member City Council shall comprise five district representatives, one at-large representative, and one mayor, who shall be elected at-large.

To be qualified to run for election as the council representative of a district, a candidate, in addition to all requirements of State Statutes and the City Charter, must reside within the defined boundaries of the district. To qualify, one must have been a resident and eligible voter in Mount Dora for no less than 12 consecutive months prior to filing for candidacy.


An elected office shall be filled by the candidate for the elected office receiving the majority of the vote. District candidates shall be elected by the electors residing in the defined district from which the candidate is seeking election. At-large candidates and the Mayoral candidate shall be elected by all electors within the City.

All elections shall be held pursuant to the election laws of the State of Florida, as amended from time to time. A general election shall be held every even year on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. Special elections, other than those expressly provided for herein, may be called for by the City Council as the City Council, in its sole and absolute discretion, deems necessary.

 All elected council members, including the mayor, shall assume office and be sworn in at the second regularly scheduled meeting of the November of their election. 


The term limitation on elected positions is two consecutive terms and election terms are four years. Depending upon staggered terms, an election is held every other year for either three or four City Council seats. However, all office holders shall continue in office until the office holder’s successor is appointed or sworn to office, unless the office holder’s office is declared vacant pursuant to the City Charter.