Pay & Bonuses

Base Salaries

Salaries are competitive with annual increases negotiated per the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

  • Start: $47,567.52 (after graduation from the academy) 
  • With experience (up to five (5) years): $49,576.80 – (Additional experience can be at a higher starting salary at the Chief of Police’s discretion; as per Article 9.2 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.)

Additional Pay & Bonuses

FDLE Incentives  
Officers can earn up to $130 per month based on a combination of education and law enforcement incentive courses. A Bachelor's Degree qualifies for $80 per month at the start of employment. 

Overtime Pay
Overtime is available through regularly scheduled in-service training as well as typical operations. 

Compensatory / Vacation Payout
Officers can elect to receive payout for their earned compensatory time up to 40 hours and vacation up to 80 hours annually.

Holiday Pay
The city recognizes ten (10) paid holidays, plus two (2) personal days per year. Police officers are paid each holiday at time-and-a-half or collected as compensatory time at their discretion. 

Extra Duty / Special Event Pay
The city hosts 38 events annually that are worked by our officers at special pay rate. There are also numerous opportunities to work non-city sponsored events. 

Field Training Pay
Experienced members may elect to become Field Training Officers and be assigned new recruits for training during a twelve (12) week period orientation. This important assignment pays Field Training Officers an extra $3.50 per hour while training.

Mount Dora Longevity / Educational Bonus Pay

Years of service2-Year Degree / 60 hrs4-Year Degree
5 to less than 10 years$250$550
10 to less than 15 years$450$800
15 to less than 20 years$650$1,050
20 to less than 24 years$850$1,800
25 years or more$1,050$2,050

An annual bonus will be paid to recognize an employee's achievement of higher education combined with their years of service. Upon completion of a Master's Degree while employed with the City of Mount Dora, a one-time stipend of $1,000 will be paid to the Bargaining Unit Member.