Mount Dora Friends of the Environment

The Mount Dora Live Oak Tree Grant program is one of the projects sponsored by the Mount Dora Friends of the Environment, Inc. Approved applicants will be able to have a Live Oak tree planted on their property, and receive a credit toward the tree cost of approximately half the value, up to $300. The application can be found here.
Qualified applicants must be property owners in the City of Mount Dora (CMD) municipal boundary and reside in a specific area. This area is west of US Highway 441 and east of Morningside, also known as the ‘old town’ area. As part of the Mount Dora Community Trust (MDCT), all funds for this grant are administered through the MDCT, and the actual project is co-sponsored by the MDFE and the CMD and is staffed by volunteers. The grant seeks to comply with the conditions of the grant as established by the Donor as well as with relevant tree ordinances within the CMD.

The Mount Dora Friends of the Environment are a Florida non profit, proud partner of the Mount Dora Community Trust, all volunteer organization dedicated to protecting and preserving the environment through education, community outreach and local projects. They believe in local cooperative partnerships, actions and programs. To achieve this they engage locally, while using resources and thoughts provided globally, and are committed to putting their "feet in the street" and their "hands on the ground" as well as serving as a voice for local environmental advocacy. For more information on The Mount Dora Friends of the Environment organization or how to get involved, please visit their website:  

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