Commercial Inspections

New Construction

The building official serves the city as the fire marshal, providing oversight and regulation of all new construction. Staff within the Building and Fire Prevention Construction Department is certified to attend to all of the needs related to the fire and life safety inspection process involving new construction.

Existing Commercial

All commercial and business properties within the City of Mount Dora receive an annual fire inspection. It is the inherent responsibility of the Fire Department to assure that all places of public occupancy and assembly maintain compliance with the fire and life safety codes that are applicable to their specific and respective type of occupancy.

Areas of Inspection

Initial & Annual Inspections

  • 2A10BC fire extinguishers mounted on a wall in an open area, serviced annually by a licensed company
  • Business address clearly marked in a contrasting color, no smaller than 4 inches, on the building
  • Fire alarm system annually inspected by a licensed company
  • Fire sprinkler system annually inspected by a licensed company
  • No extension cords used to permanently power any equipment
  • Operational emergency lighting
  • Operational smoke detectors
  • Properly illuminated exit signs
  • Unlocked and unblocked exits

Common Violations

  • Missing approved and semiannually tagged hood systems for commercial cooking
  • Burned out bulbs in exit lights and emergency lights
  • No Class K fire extinguishers for commercial cooking areas
  • Dead batteries in smoke detectors, exit lights, and emergency lights
  • Electrical panels not labeled
  • Exit signs not posted
  • Fire extinguishers out of date
  • Fire extinguishers not mounted to wall
  • Missing ceiling tiles
  • Missing electrical plates
  • Obstructed exits
  • Use of extension cords without surge protectors
  • Wrong type of fire extinguishers