Street Light Maintenance

The City’s Electric Utility maintains approximately 1,860 street lights within the Mount Dora Electric Territory and along US 441 between Donnelly Street and Eudora Road, as shown below:

Street Light Territory

It is important to note that Sumter Electric Cooperative (SECO) or Duke Energy maintains street lights in the other parts of the City.  For example, the street lights in the County Club subdivision are maintained by SECO, while the street lights on county roads are maintained by either SECO or Duke Energy.  In some situations, street lights are maintained by the homeowners’ association or property owner.  You should contact the appropriate utility or maintaining entity for these street lights.

The Electric Utility typically repairs 50 to 100 street lights every month.  The problems include:

  • Bulb issues – street light completely out, dim, or cycling on and off
  • Ballast – street light will not come on
  • Photocell  - street light is always on
  • Light blocked by tree growth or vegetation
  • Damage – vehicle impact or vandalism

The Electric Utility has several on-going programs to help identify street light issues.  Once a month, the electric crew performs a nightly patrol to look for street light problems.  They also make a daytime inspection of the highway lights on US 441.  Any issues discovered during the patrols or inspections are tracked throughout the progress of the repairs.

Citizen’s assistance is invaluable for street light maintenance.  They are the “eyes-in the field” who first become aware of street light problems.  In particular, a street light that is cycling on and off may have been missed by the nightly patrols.  Citizen reporting is essential for timely repairs of street light problems.

You can report a problem with City-maintained street lights by calling the Public Works number at 352-735-7151. To speed repairs, please provide the street address, pole number, and description of the problem (out, flickering, always on, etc.).

For your convenience, you can also report a street light problem by clicking here:
Report a Street Light Problem